Swedish Erotica Discography (feat. Mats Leven)

 Swedish Erotica Discography

(feat. Mats Leven)



Swedish Erotica

  1. Love Me Or Leave Me
  2. Downtown
  3. We're Wild, Young And Free
  4. Hollywood Dreams
  5. Loaded Gun
  6. Rip It Off
  7. Love On The Line
  8. Love Hunger
  9. She Drives Me Crazy
  10. Break The Walls
  • Band line-up: Mats Leven (Lead Vocals), ... (Guitars), ... (Bass), ... (Keyboards), ... (Drums).
  • Produced by Ole Evenrude.
  • Virgin: CD (UK).
  • Virgin Japan: CD; VJCP-11 (Japan).


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