Mundanus Imperium Complete Discography

 Mundanus Imperium

Complete Discography



The Spectral Spheres Coronation

  1. Distant Conglomeration 6:02
  2. The Life Of What You Seek 5:24
  3. Beyond The Earthly 5:51
  4. Starwars 2:48
  5. Predominate 4:19
  6. Compound By The Subconscious 4:15
  7. Stargazer 6:51
  8. The Unborn Breathes In Silence 7:09
  9. If The Universe Transformed 4:15
  • Total Playing Time - 46:59.
  • Band line-up: Jørn Lande (Lead Vocals), Peter J. Thuve (Guitars), Lars Wiik (Bass, Drums), Bent E. Holm (Keyboards).
  • Produced by Dag Stokke, Ronnie Le Tekrö, Kjartan Hestagen and Mundanus Imperium.
  • "Compound By The Subconscious" is the Japanese bonus track.
  • "Stargazer" is the cover-version of Rainbow.
  • Nuclear Blast: CD (BRD).
  • Marquee Inc.: CD; MICY-1053 (Japan).


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