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  1. What this page is about?
  2. The principles of the page
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What this page is about?

As you can understand from the page's name it's about metal. But it doesn't mean that you'll find here any info about steel or heavy industry. This homepage is devoted to hard rock and heavy metal music. So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

The principles of this page

Searching for some cool info on the Internet I've seen a lot of rock pages. Some of them were really great and some awfully sucked. I've read a lot of info on most of them that's why I want to let you know everything I know myself. My ability to read Japanese music magazines and booklet inserts helps me very much and you'll be able to see here many things unavailable for people who don't know the language of the Land of The Rising Sun. And some more things about the page: if you want lyrics of the album you'll never see here a track list with separated lyrics to each track. They're all in one file and you just need to press the button to view them.

Please note that if I you see the complete discography that doesn't mean I will list all singles or promo albums. On these pages you will see the ultimate discographies completed for a collector. If you want to collect everything officially released by this or that band you just need to take a look at these pages. For instance, if the Japanese bonus track was included in any European, American, etc. single I will list everything in order to help you not to lose extra money on those expensive Japanese editions.

There's also a note about the language: thouth I am Russian there won't be anything here in Russian. I think that English is the ultimate language and I don't want to change this fact. Most of the Internet resources are in English and I'll keep this tradition.

Some notes

At first I'd like to thank all of my friends especially Roma,Jack and Mika and various heavy metal magazines (especially Japanese "Burrn!", "Young Guitar" and "Music Life", and German "Break Out!" and "Heavy, Oder Was?!"), all the record companies for keeping the faith and certainly to all the bands and musicians (Keep On Rocking!).

And of course, if you know something more about anything written here - send the information to me, I need everything you have including lyrics, release dates, catalogue numbers, etc. Also if you notice any mistakes anyhwere here just send me an e-mail about it, you WON'T be neglected! Let's make the largest informative HR/HM site on the web!

My e-mail address is:

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